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about Antalya, Turkey…

Antalya, TurkeyIMG_3515

trip: Istanbul to Antalya
how: by plane,
miles total: 2,985
days: 3

Some r&r time was greatly needed after the hustle and bustle of  Istanbul. Antalya is situated in the southwestern part of Turkey on the crystal-blue waters of the Mediterranean. G and I arrived at 2am and went straight to our Cs host who was waiting for us (thank you Fevy!). Not too much to write about this city because we went to the beach for 3 days. The water is fantastically clear, clean, and warm. Antalya is a beach city and although it has about a population of 1.5 million it seems like a small town.

On thing worth noting is that it has been a great challenge to find English speaking people around Turkey. This surprises me and I thought that out of all the countries I would visit, I would have the least trouble in Turkey. Well, with some hand gestures, bad directions, and horrible Turkish it has been manageable, but challenging.

We did make a little change in our plans, and decided to head to Cappadocia, the land of the fairy chimneys!  We leave tonight and are headed on a night bus, arriving in Göreme tomorrow morning.

I’m off, off and away.


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