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about Turkey…


Dear Turkey,
Just wanted to let you know some of my thoughts before I say good-bye. You were very kind to me and I want to first thank-you for this. Then, I would like to say how impressed I was with your vast landscapes. I saw your cities, your beaches, and your mountains. They were all more beautiful than the last. You are so very fortunate to be so rich in nature, culture, and history.

Your food is worth mentioning too, as it was nothing less than exquisite. Thank you for not always thinking you had to put mean in everything, very considerate indeed.

Thank you for also having a European feel. I say this because you provided a nice transition from the culture I know to the culture I knew little about.  Now I am writing from your neighbor, Syria, and I must admit you were a nice start to my trip. Again, your subtle transition from European culture to Middle East culture really helped me escape sudden culture shock. Thanks for being there for me.

However… Turkey, why must you charge me for a visa? This is one of my only complaints. I’m in the EU club, I thought you wanted to be in too? I suggest you don’t charge me the next time I come. Well, speaking of the club, I sure hope you get in in 2012. It would not only ensure more stability in your oh so lovely country, but it would also high-lite your strengths and character to the many people who cant experience it first hand.

Well, thanks again for your invite to return soon, I shall.
Until next time,

ps- your top 5 include: the Archeological Museum, Blue Mosque, Spice Bazaar, your beaches, and food food food food!


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