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about Amman, Jordan…

Amman-Cement cityWild Jordan

trip: Damascus to Amman
how: by shared taxi
miles total:  4707
days: 2

We arrived at night to Amman and could already see the craziness and character of this city. Farah Hotel, in the middle of the city, was clean, well-located, and cheap. We put our bags down and met another Brazilian in our room, who we dined with that evening at Umisat Amman 1946, fantastic food and good prices. Since the Dinar is one to one with the Euro is makes everything seem so much more expensive compared to Syria. Yikes.

The next day we spent the day walking around the city. It doesn’t have to much to see like some of it’s neighboring cities, but you can see the fast development of Jordan’s economy. We took the opportunity to have (dare I say) a Starbucks that afternoon which, much to my dismay ,was not very tasty. However, it was something cold, caffeinated and didn’t have half the amount of coffee grinds at the bottom, like most coffee here. We also had a fantastic, but rather expensive, lunch at the Wild Jordan Cafe. This restaurant pride’s itself in having all organic and locally grown produce. Can’t really go wrong here. We went all out and had our first ‘nice’ meal out since the beginning of our trip. Dessert included.

Although we had a nice time in Amman, our trip will start to move a lot faster from this point on and we can’t spend too much time in each place. We are breaking up Jordan in two trips. Due to border crossings between Israel and the rest of the Middle East we are limited to where we can enter and exit. Furthermore, we will cross the border at the King Hussein Crossing which is about half an hour from Amman and 40 minutes to Jerusalem (when and if you get through the border).  We will re-enter from here in a few days and head to Amman and then straight down to Petra.

See you in Israel. If all goes well.



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