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about a little sunshine…

In the many places I have lived, I can think of one constant thing that has made each place so memorable. That would be my dear friend, the sun. I can no longer remember the days of sunny Seville because since I have arrived in this oh so sunny in 2009 city, the 2010 version of Seville has decided to be a little less sunny. So, what do I do? I look at all the pictures of  the sunny places I have been and lived. This has given me small portion of hope (albeit without the vitamin D) that there is sun somewhere in the world. That and my mom’s care packages. Oh yes… I may not be in college anymore, but travelling and living abroad you learn to live without a lot of things, but some things I just haven’t quite yet departed from.

So I have decided to put together a list of things that I always make sure I have at least one of from back home:

– brown sugar (I love to bake and for some reason only the U.S. bakes with brown sugar)
– peanut butter (I’m American.)
– make-up (make-up is expensive in the U.S., you can imagine what it is outside of the U.S.)
– face wash and some toiletries (for the same reason as the last item, but also because if you are attached to some products your best bet is just to bring them from home.)
– Emergen-c Super Orange (they are lifesavers when you feel a cold coming on or you just can’t get to fresh fruit.)
–  good hiking shoes or outdoor gear (for the same reason as the others, you can find it abroad, but you will pay.) (this includes cliff bars, not everywhere you can find 24 hour places and when you travel all hours of the day you may find yourself without food.)

And I’ve been trying to bring the sun with me for years… sometimes it comes. sometimes it doesn’t.


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    1. The “mommy” here is bringing the “care package” and it’s a bit heavy. 🙂 I’ll be there soon.

      February 28, 2010
    2. A. I love Cliff bars.
      B. I have resorted to making my own peanut butter which is natural and deeeeelicious!
      C. What is UP with brown sugar? My mother-in-law didn’t even know the taste was different between white and brown sugar… wah???

      July 20, 2010

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