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about the oranges in Sevilla…


Ok, so the post really isn’t about the oranges in Seville, because you actually don’t eat the oranges in Seville (how did I not know this?). However, the streets are full of trees bearing the little orange fruit and especially at this time of year (February) it is a wonderful time to walk the streets and smell the oranges (don’t tell, but I do eat the oranges, free food!).

I made Seville my home last September and haven’t looked back since (and yes, my Middle East posts were super delayed).  It has been a wonderful place and change. Before living here I recently lived in Phoenix (pop. 6 million), Buenos Aires (pop. 13 million), and Milan (pop. 1.5 million, but feels bigger!) and Seville is a nice change of pace (pop. 700,000). It is conveniently located in the south of Spain and has a wonderful, but sometimes frustrating, relaxed lifestyle and mentality. Later, Later… they say.

I have found a steady flow of private students and a school that I work a few hours for during the week. We have been able to visit Madrid, Granada, Cadiz, and Lisbon while we have lived here and it has been an extraordinary adventure rediscovering parts of Europe that I had not seen before. I shall write more posts about these places in the future, but for now I just simply want to catch up a bit so I am more motivated to write about current and future events in my life.

The Sevillanos (people from Seville) are an interesting folk. They are proud to be from Seville and I think if it was up to them would make it the capital of Spain. However, I think the responsibility of this would put them off in the end, because it would mean the loss of the 3-hour siesta in the afternoon. Despite this, Seville is a wonderful place to live with a high quality of life and full of content people. The cafes, tapas bars, children in matching clothing, spanish evening strolls, colorful buildings, love for all things with meat, cruzcampo, feria, flamenco, and their own way of speaking Spanish (i.e.- impossible to learn) makes Seville a haven for all things Spanish. And I’m loving it…

More to come.

Hasta Luego or in true ‘Sevillano’  Ha’uego!


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