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After the relaxing two and a half weeks I had with my parents its hard to face the reality of Sao Paulo again. When my parents came to visit I felt like I did every time I have visited Brazil… I felt like it was this magical country that is filled with beautiful people, rich culture, exquisite food (even if the best part is…its fried) it was so good to once again have a positive perspective on things. I found comfort in having my parents here… people that I knew… people that knew me… people who understood where I came from. Please don’t get me wrong I have met very nice people in Brazil, but there is and always will be some sort of gap… a space that isn’t filled… a space that you will keep wanting to fill. I suppose it’s culture that does it. Or maybe sometimes you do it to yourself. Anyways, my point is Sao Paulo is different when you’re on vacation than when you live here.

Is it possible to be on vacation in the city you live in? I guess for me it was! I didn’t need to take public transportation, I didn’t need to worry about time, money, traffic, writing reports and looking over my shoulder to make sure I’m safe. No sir (and ma’am)…I walked the streets like I owned the town. I ate out without worrying about money. I enjoyed the city. And it gave me a chance to sit back and realize what Sao Paulo is all about… eating, working and playing. People come here from all over the world and all over Brazil. They come because Sao Paulo is the next big thing… it’s changing right before your eyes. It has opportunities that Brazil hasn’t seen for years. It is Brazil’s biggest hope! So yeah… they work hard here… they play hard… and you better bet your bottom dollar that they eat hard too.

It doesn’t mean Sao Paulo is without it’s flaws. Anyone that knows anything about anywhere knows this. Its a city where the difference between poor and rich is so clear it makes you feel a little nauseous. Where it may be common to see thousands living among makeshift brick homes along the hillsides where the rich look down upon from their tall apartment buildings. But what can you do? You are living in a city where community is a scarce word, where your neighbor is even looking for a bargain from you and where you find yourself doing and thinking things you didn’t think you would.

I’m stuck. Stuck in between two worlds! I can’t figure out what to do!

Sao Paulo is an interesting journey…

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    1. Oh man Leah… this is what I was thinking of today while writing my last blog. I know sometimes I put up a wall but it’s something else…sometimes you just feel like something is missing. Like your friendships just aren’t complete.
      So happy you got to see Sao Paulo through different eyes for a little while. It’s how I felt about Rio when my mom and sis came as well.

      October 3, 2010
    2. well welcome to SP! i cant quite understand why you left Seville for here, but you must have a good reason. I live in the SP countryside about an hour northwest of the city. Been here 8 months so far. nice to fing new blogs 🙂

      October 7, 2010
    3. Peg #

      Hi, Leah.
      I was just referred to your blog by Mallory Elise, and I’m so glad!
      I’ve been in Rio das Ostras for a couple of months now, and I know the feeling well. That slightly disconnected feeling. While I love it here, and I’m looking forward to so much more time spent here, there’s always the part of me that misses that feeling of familiarity. I’m just hoping it will come with time, and while I’m waiting I’m going to enjoy every bit I can!
      Welcome back. I’m looking forward to spending some time peeking at your blog!

      October 7, 2010

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