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about moving south again…

After writing and erasing and writing and erasing…after motivated then unmotivated then motivated then unmotivated…after happy then sad then happy then sad…after busy then lonely then tired then lazy… I am attempting to write my first entry in a month. I guess life happens… it gets in the way sometimes. You don’t know what to do with it and as a result you just aren’t quite yourself.

Either way, here I am! In this massive megalopolis called São Paulo. This city is not for the faint of heart however and kicks your butt when you least expect it (I have learned to expect everything now). The city where more than 20 million people consider home, where you could be stuck in traffic for 5 hours, where helicopter traffic exists, where the best chefs compete, and where the skyscrapers are your scenic view… is where I am trying to find my home.

After spending almost a year in Sevilla (700,000 people) it was and is a big change, but a necessary one. G found work straight away and is paying off his debts and saving for some new nomadic travels. I am teaching (slowly, but surely) and we are trying to make the most of our time in Sampa.

When I was still back in Sevilla I had been trying to find some blogs speaking about São Paulo and about people who had moved to São Paulo. I found one in particular whose blog saved my life. She is Canadian and has been living in São Paulo for a year. As soon as I arrived I contacted her and we met for drinks and then almost every 3 days we met again for something or another. She was my savior! I confided in her and she helped me with work, classes, students, my mental state, and gaining weight (by eating cookies). She has now moved back to Canada and is enjoying the life of fresh air and maple syrup. However, I hope during my time here I can be the same light she was to me when I first came.

I’m excited to write about this new city I’m exploring, the new language I’m learning, and the new me I shall no doubt become.

Tchau for now…


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