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about summer festivals…

Well, summer has arrived and all good things that come with it… including sweat, humidity, cold beer, thunderstorms, and much more. One thing that G and I have been most looking forward to are the summer music festivals that start to pop up around now. We recently went to two big ones and I feel the need to write about them not to just brag (because they were sah-weet), but to acknowledge what a positive experience both of them were and what great organization both these festivals had.

The first festival was Natura Music Festival and although I don’t have great pictures from the event it was super well organized. Unfortunately, we had a downpour of rain 5 minutes before we arrived which put a little damper on it, but it soon cleared up and the life went on. The food stalls were filled with all organic products and just as many hamburgers as vegetarian options. Now before you think I was chowing down on tofu while watching Jamiroquai, think again. I had pizza and popcorn. However, the point is there were options!! The bathrooms were decent and always had soap, toilet paper, and paper towel. The festival stalls promoted a lot of save the nature/animals kind of thing and I was surprised to see a fair amount of people interested in the products and souvenirs they were selling. The sound, lighting and overall stage set-up was great too.

Then last weekend we went to Planeta Terra Festival to see Mika, Smashing Pumpkins, Phoenix, Hot Chip and others. It was in an amusement park and the whole park was closed only for people attending the festival. The best part was all the rides were open until 4am! So if you didn’t like the band currently playing or you wanted to give your ears a rest and your adrenaline a rush then you just headed over to the rides! Food was good and plenty of options available (although not organic). There were some 20,000 people at the festival so I guess organization was more a necessity than a luxury, but it still impressed me.

Yippee for well organized festivals!

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    1. Nina #

      I heart smashing pumpkins!

      November 29, 2010

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