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about the things I took for granted at home…

1. Ordering a coffee can be as complicated as you want and the barista will not get mad at you.
* It makes me want to order something  more complicated than my normal Americano. Just because I can.

2. A smile towards another person or at you does not mean I want to hit on you or that I want something from you… it simply is a sign of recognition.
*Which often results in me smiling at everyone and looking like an idiot. Besides the point.

3. Free water at restaurants or bars or any place with a food or beverage item is totally normal.
*Even if you’re a starving teacher, at least you will only starve and not die of thirst.

4. Walking around in my pajamas all day and night without feeling an ounce of guilt.
*Maybe an ounce.

5. Playing music loud and not having to care about the neighbors upstairs, downstairs or on either sides.
*Not like my neighbors in SP ever care anyways.

6. Not having to play chicken while crossing the street.
*Even though I often do out of habit. Then I get strange looks. Like, “Lady…I stopped for you, you don’t have to run like an idiot”.

7. Ridiculous amounts of things for ridiculous prices (I’m glad I only come home once a year).
*Oh Target. How I love thee.

8.Traffic only during rush hour.
*ONLY being the key word.

9. Leisurely walking through stores without being hassled about what I want to buy. Heaven forbid I just want to browse.
*Although I have gotten the act of ignoring a salesperson down to an art in SP.

10. Citizens obeying the law.
*Don’t get me wrong people…Sao Paulo has a few law abiding citizens, but just a few.

I’m sure there are more… but these are the top for now.

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    1. Nina Oliveira #

      Funny– god I miss the states right now!

      January 6, 2011
    2. I also took friendly salespeople everywhere for granted… and I’m not talking over-the-top… I’m talking ‘hello, how are you, thanks and have a good day!’ ….
      Almost got hit by a car here on my first day back in B-Zilly… Sigh

      January 8, 2011
    3. ahahahaha, i hate ordering coffee here. i asked for a syrup once and she put it in a espresso shot, filled half the shot cup! sick. cant WAIT for ridiculous amounts of things for ridiculous prices!!!!

      January 19, 2011

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