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Well. Those of you that know me, want to know me, think you know me, don’t want to know me or maybe you’re just curious, this is for you.

I finished University in Arizona in ’07 and all I wanted to do was teach and travel. I went to Buenos Aires, Argentina and did the 4-week intensive course to get my TEFL certificate and 2 days later I started teaching. After 9 months in Argentina I moved on to Europe and taught in Milan for four months. G (bf) and I traveled through the Middle East for 2 months over the summer and then moved to Sevilla, Spain. Sad to leave I returned with G to the southern hemisphere… Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I’m very close to my family and miss them a little more each day. I love to cook, read, walk, write, learn, take photos and teach… all of which I do everyday.

Here are more photos that can explain a little more.