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Posts from the ‘France’ Category

about today’s travel daydream…

Today if I could I would be in Paris with G and P. I would be sitting on a bench near the river eating a baguette and brie watching the spring blossoms and the boats. I would be be walking through the tiny streets filled with shops and boutiques. I would stop for a café au lait. I would eat a croissant. I would be wearing a spring dress and little peep-toe heels. I would sip a good glass of french red wine. It would be a swell day.

about bread, bread, and bread…

I surprised G in Paris this past week and it was fantastic. I love Paris. I had been there once before with a good friend of mine in the summer. It was different… as every experience and travel is. This time it was *cold* and I was with G. We ate bread, croissants, drank coffee, walked, held hands, took cheesy pictures, and had a great time with some friends from Rio. I’ll spare the details and leave the pictures.

Au Revoir!