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e-mail | googletalk: leah [at]
skype: leahdarln917
cell phone: 11 7013-3780 (São Paulo, Brasil)

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  1. Darcy #

    Brent just shared your blog with me. What a fantastic trip. Oh to be young again!!! What amazing memories and adventures you and “G” are experiencing. Enjoy!!!! I am going to have my girls look at this too – hopefully to inspire them as well. Have fun and take lots of pictures so we can all vicariously live through your journey.

    Be safe and enjoy!!!


    July 30, 2009
  2. Andrea Borchers #

    Hey you!! I’m glad you put that link on facebook! So here’s my question for you– How does skype work? What do I need for it? and How do it set it up? Hmmmm…

    August 2, 2009

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