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about today’s travel daydream…

Today if I could I would be in Paris with G and P. I would be sitting on a bench near the river eating a baguette and brie watching the spring blossoms and the boats. I would be be walking through the tiny streets filled with shops and boutiques. I would stop for a café au lait. I would eat a croissant. I would be wearing a spring dress and little peep-toe heels. I would sip a good glass of french red wine. It would be a swell day.

about current events…

To watch or not to watch that is the question I’ve been having the past few days. Do I want to see more shooting? More killing? More raping? More lies? More children suffering? I was semi-inspired to write this post because of another blog post I read this past week. The author spoke about a friend she knew who had told her that she had stopped watching the news some years ago and felt much better about life in general. The author then asked if not watching the news was the equivalent of saying you didn’t care about what was happening in the world? She battled with this question of being ignorant to the current events of the world or to stay informed. Then when she moved countries she started to read more news on the internet in which she called a “buffet style” news reading. She was able to pick and choose what she wanted to read.

She said she had inadvertently given herself the best gift of all and added that turning off the news was a major turning point to her path to a simpler lifestyle. She goes on about how the lack of news negativity was actually helping her change her most basic approaches to life. Genius! I thought as I read the post. It was something that I had been battling with recently and something that I really value about the “buffet style” news reading she mentioned.  Since I have lived out of the country for a few years now I have turned more to this style of news reading, but by no means do you have to live out of the country to do this.

So what exactly am I saying? Well, I’m not saying you should be ignorant to the world around you, I’m not saying you shouldn’t care about the crises that are happening, to the people who need your help, to the changes happening in countries. And I am definitely not saying that when you stop to watch the news all your negative thinking and skepticism will magically disappear. I’m saying that the current events news that we all watch at 6pm…10pm…12pm…9am… whatever hour you choose, could actually be impacting us more than we think.

The blogger wrote one particular phrase that I think sums up perfectly what I’m trying to say. She says, “Being selective about the news you absorb is a way of living deliberately and mindfully.” Deliberately and mindfully! What refreshing words I thought to myself. I think that in today’s world it is not so easy to live this way. We are constantly engulfed and surrounded by the things that society wants us to hear, to do, to NOT hear. How often do we get to choose what we deliberately do?

There are so many things we can read about, things that interest us, things that make us believe in things, travel, food, religion, whatever floats your boat, frosts your cupcake, soothes your soul… you get the picture.

So do you cut out all the gloomy, critical and tragic news? No…But watch in moderation. Please. I could sit on my computer for hours reading about the tragedy in Japan, the murders in Libya, the protests around the world, the starvation in Africa. What good will it do me though?

So. Read. Be informed. Help. Do good. But don’t become overwhelmed and depressed by the news. Seek balance and simplicity, read things that matter to you, read things you enjoy and don’t be engulfed by the sorrows. I know it’s easier said than done. But I promise when you start to read “buffet style” things will seem a little brighter. At least they do for me.

Trying to be balanced!

about the things I took for granted at home…

1. Ordering a coffee can be as complicated as you want and the barista will not get mad at you.
* It makes me want to order something  more complicated than my normal Americano. Just because I can.

2. A smile towards another person or at you does not mean I want to hit on you or that I want something from you… it simply is a sign of recognition.
*Which often results in me smiling at everyone and looking like an idiot. Besides the point.

3. Free water at restaurants or bars or any place with a food or beverage item is totally normal.
*Even if you’re a starving teacher, at least you will only starve and not die of thirst.

4. Walking around in my pajamas all day and night without feeling an ounce of guilt.
*Maybe an ounce.

5. Playing music loud and not having to care about the neighbors upstairs, downstairs or on either sides.
*Not like my neighbors in SP ever care anyways.

6. Not having to play chicken while crossing the street.
*Even though I often do out of habit. Then I get strange looks. Like, “Lady…I stopped for you, you don’t have to run like an idiot”.

7. Ridiculous amounts of things for ridiculous prices (I’m glad I only come home once a year).
*Oh Target. How I love thee.

8.Traffic only during rush hour.
*ONLY being the key word.

9. Leisurely walking through stores without being hassled about what I want to buy. Heaven forbid I just want to browse.
*Although I have gotten the act of ignoring a salesperson down to an art in SP.

10. Citizens obeying the law.
*Don’t get me wrong people…Sao Paulo has a few law abiding citizens, but just a few.

I’m sure there are more… but these are the top for now.